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Chronic Care Connection Providing Financial Assistance To Medically Fragile kids

Chronic Care Connection is a 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization and it is run entirely by volunteers.   Our Goal is to provide support and financial assistance to families caring for chronically ill children or adults.


Each dollar donated goes directly to a family in need.  Chronic Care Connection will help families pay electric bills, buy food, clothing and toys around the holidays and birthdays.


Why We Started


Chronic illness can be diagnosed at any stage of life. Children and adults who are chronically ill may need a variety of sophisticated equipment to survive. Homecare service firms can provide all of the nursing services, equipment, and infusions necessary to sustain life and to support each patient to be part of the family at home. This equipment may include: Ventilators, Apnea Monitors, Oxygen, and Pulse Oximeters. After reality has set in, and the family makes necessary changes to accommodate life with a chronically ill family member, many families that formerly relied on two incomes are forced to rely on one.


The emotional devastation is then compounded by a decrease in financial resources. Quite often, the increase in medical equipment increases energy costs to sustain the house. With fewer financial resources, this can be extremely stressful to families. Alleviating that stress is one of our primary goals. Families can submit a bill, and Chronic Care Connection will send a check directly to the creditor.


Typically, commercial health insurance or state health programs will cover the cost of medical equipment. However, having this type of equipment presents unique issues. All of the medical equipment running in a small room gives off a tremendous amount of heat. When no central air conditioning is available, a window unit must be installed, which is an additional expense. Certain disposable items needed by chronically ill children are not covered by insurance or state health plans. For example, many neonatologists recommend formula to some babies that costs $1000 per month. Many families cannot afford these additional costs. Chronic Care tries to help as many families as possible when faced with difficult decisions, such as whether to provide superior nutrition to a pre-mature infant or to pay the mortgage.